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Federico Kampf was born on July 30, 1981 in Mexico.

Federico Kampf is considered the heir of Mexican Muralism.

His unique academic art style over frescos and canvas have gained him international recognition and multiple awards in Europe, USA and Mexico. 

With monumental works made in Italy, Mexico, the United States and Cuba, as well as work exhibited and honored in Spain, France and several countries around the world, Federico Kampf seeks to create a synthesis between classical and contemporary art.
The style of Federico Kampf has been described as surreal, neo-baroque, contemporary and disruptive.
Archetypal personal motifs such as women, philosophical contradictions, the sacred and the profane, Mexican being, and quantum physics are primary materials of the philosopher and artist.
His work has been compared in several Mexican and international media with the work of great artists such as Miguel Ángel and Diego Rivera.

At this time, the artist lives in Dubai creating the most important works in the world.


Graduate of laws from the Faculty of Law Universidad Panamericana / Graduate of Philosofy by the Universidad Panamericana / Master in Law from the Same University / Diplomat in techniques and materials at the Academy of San Carlos (UNAM) / Diploma in Drawing in the same Institution / Cinematography at the Mexican Association of Independent Filmmakers / Diplomat in Narrative by the University Center for Cinematographic Studies (CUEC) / Diploma in scriptwriting by the same Institutio / Diploma in luxury marketing from the European Institute of Luxury-Anáhuac University. He taught philosophy and law for many years at various universities

He has made more than 170 works in his career that include paintings in all materials, sculptures, architecture and NFTs.

He has made 8 academic murals in Mexico and in different parts of the world such as Italy, the United States, Cuba and Dubai.


He has received various awards for his works in Painting and Film both in Mexico and abroad. 

In 2022 he received the Caravaggio Prize at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, Italy. He is an honorary member of the Cultural Workers' Union and is Vice President of art and culture of the Association for Culture and Tourism of Latin America.

Also, in the same year, he received the International Prize of Paris, under the Carrousel Art Shopping in Louvre Museum, Paris. 


He has participated in more than 70 collective and Solo exhibitions of 2008 to date, among which are:


  • 2022 “DUBAI DESIGN WEEK” Honorary Participation, Mural Performance and Solo Exhibition.

  • 2022 “CAROUSEL ART FAIR”, Louvre Museum, Paris, France.

  • 2022 “BIENNIAL BARCELONA”, Honorary Participation.

  • 2021-2022 “FIRST FEDERICO KAMPF BIENNIAL”, The important Biennial in the name of the artist is instituted in Mexico. Museum of Mexico City.

  • 2021 “LAST CALL Dubai”, House of the World Organization for Peace, Mexico City.

  • 2020 ZONA MACO “MANIFESTO PROJECT”, Mexico City.

  • 2018 "ESSERE", La Griffe Gallery, Rome, Italy.

  • 2017 "RIFLESSIONI“, Istituto Portoghese Di San ́Antonio, in Rome, Italy.

  • 2017 "ENCUENTRO", Club Diario de Ibiza, in the city of Ibiza, Spain

  • 2016 “OPEN ART” Teatro dei Dioscuri al Quirinale. Rome Italy.

  • 2014 “SYMBOLIC ARCHETYPES”, Beatriz de la Fuente Museum, Teotihuacán Archaeological Zone (FIRST VISUAL ARTIST IN HISTORY TO EXHIBIT HIS WORK IN SAID SPACE).

  • 2014 “SYMBOLIC ARCHETYPES”, Museum of the City of León, Guanajuato.

  • 2013 Individual Exhibition Conference at the ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS SAN ALEJANDRO, HAVANA, CUBA.

  • 2013 “FUSION OF TIME”, University of Guanajuato, León, Guanajuato, Mexico.

  • 2012 “MEXICO, its traditions”, Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba.

  • 2012 “PROFANE WOMEN GODDESSES”, Le Siants Gallery (Barcelona/Prague) Barcelona, ​​Spain.

  • 2010 “MEX-PSIQUE”, Gallery of La Maison Du Mexique, Paris, France.


Fresco technique.
Polmone Pulsante Museum,
Historic Center of Rome, Italy. 2018
Encaustic technique.
Chapel Las Hadas Chapel,
in the City of Dallas, Texas, USA. 2019
Encaustic technique.
Chapel Las Hadas Chapel,
in the City of Dallas, Texas, USA. 2019

71 m2 extension, Academy of Fine Arts of San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba. 2014



110 m2 of extension. Plaza de la República, Insurgentes Avenue,
Mexico City. 2014



110 m2 in 5 walls. Chapel Tepotzotlán, State of Mexico. 2014



60 m2. Nopala Chapel, Hidalgo. 2015



160 M2 in 3 walls. Fraccionamiento  Manantiales of Nopala,
Nopala, Hidalgo. 2015



Cuernavaca, Morelos.

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